Mabrle Slab Cutting Machine

In order to guarantee maximum operating reliability, SHENGDA MACHINERY CO.LTD. has carefully selected the materials and components used to manufacture the machine and has carried out a general test and inspection before delivery.
The machine good performance in time also depends on a correct usage and on a proper preventive maintenance, according to the instructions written in this manual.
All component parts ,joints and control parts have been designed and manufactured with so high safety requirements to withstand anomalous stresses or stresses that are in any case stronger than those undergone by the machine during average usage. Materials of the best quality have been used.

  • 30 days
  • 10-20 sets per months
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block –cutting gangsaw for marble for the production of slabs at different thickness,Block of different size can be processed. They have a roughly parallelepiped shape having an overall workable length of 3.25 meters .a workable height of 2 meters and a workable width of 2 meters.

Tools used are steel blades with sintered diamond plates

The machine is made up by a frame with parallel and tensioned blades .

The cutting motion is produced by a crank mechanism controlled by a 110 KW power electric motor through belt transmission

It is a sliding frame on slides in oil bath

The block to be cut is hoisted by a platform where the block –carrying trolley is placed.

The platform is vertically moved by four columns which also support the blade frame,

and is operated by four sets of screws and nut screws.

Through a toothed gearing ,the four screw are connected to a high downward speed gearmmotor unit and to low downward speed gearmotor unit .

Max.cutting dimensions of slab(L×W)mm3200×2000×20003200×2000×2000
Max.No.of bladesNo.80100
Blade lengthmm44004400
Cutting feedmm/h0-3050-305
Blade strokemm800800
Strokes per minuterpm9090
Mrin motor powerkW110110
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)mm13150×5700×550013150×6200×5500


1.Can the rope saw be trimmed?

It can be squaring the block and profiling .

2.Can a wire saw cut horizontally?

Yes, the table with the machine can be horizontal cutting

3.Can the table be rotated?

It can rotate 90 degrees or 360 degrees

4.Can the wire saw cutting slab ?

Yes, the electronic control system can be automatically cutting slab 

5.What is the processing speed of a wire saw?

80-100cm per hour for marble and 30-50cm per hour for granite

6.How is the main motor power?

Profiling wire saw 15kw ,squaring wire saw 22kw 

7.How long is the warranty on the machine?

The machine is guaranteed for 12 months

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