Gang Saw Machine

In order to guarantee maximum operating reliability, SHENGDA MACHINERY CO.LTD. has carefully selected the materials and components used to manufacture the machine and has carried out a general test and inspection before delivery.
The machine good performance in time also depends on a correct usage and on a proper preventive maintenance, according to the instructions written in this manual.
All component parts ,joints and control parts have been designed and manufactured with so high safety requirements to withstand anomalous stresses or stresses that are in any case stronger than those undergone by the machine during average usage. Materials of the best quality have been used.

  • 30 days
  • 10-20 sets per months
  • Information
  • Video

Machine Operators    



At the end of assembly operations, at least one trained operator for each installed machine will have to be available for our technicians, as well as staff required to operate the machines themselves in every working phase (loading, working, unloading, machine cleaning etc).

This staff will work according to a timetable and instructions given by the technician himself and will follow him during the machine-testing phase, and during the eventual training period.

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