Gangsaw For Slabs Cutting Machine

This is a block –cutting gangsaw for marble for the production of slabs at different thickness,Block of different size can be processed. They have a roughly parallelepiped shape having an overall workable length of 3.3 meters .a workable height of 2 meters and a workable width of 2 meters.
Tools used are steel blades with sintered diamond plates
The machine is made up by a frame with parallel and tensioned blades and having an alternative cutting motion.
The cutting motion is produced by a crank mechanism controlled by a 110 KW power electric motor through belt transmission
It is a sliding frame on slides in oil bath
The block to be cut is hoisted by a platform where the block –carrying trolley is placed.
The platform is vertically moved by four columns which also support the blade frame,
and is operated by four sets of screws and nut screws.
Through a toothed gearing ,the four screw are connected to a high downward speed gearmotor unit and to low downward speed gearmotor unit .

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The machine is formed by :


1.Blade Frame 

it is a metallic carpentry frame made up by two facing plates which are connected by two beams . The blades are fitted in both plates. The plates enable the blades to be stretched

thanks to a hydraulic sawing blade stretcher which ,if fitted ,is located on a plate on the opposite side of the fly wheel (material entrance).On the other plate the it is connected to the connecting rod small end pin .


2.Blade Frame Sliders Unit

They enable the frame to slide horizontally,They are made of cast iron with interchangeable bronze wearable parts .A particular mechanical device makes it possible

For the clearance between guides and sliders to be perfectly adjusted .


3. Lubrication System for Blade Frame Sliders

Each slider and guide are fitted in an oil tight tank.


4.Supporting Structure for the Blade Frame Sliding Guides

It is a strong metallic carpentry structure connecting each pair of lateral columns,Within

This structure two wide tanks to contain the sliders unit are obtained ,one above each column。The ground sliding guides are screwed in side these tanks,The structure also supports the frame upper inspection passageways .


5.Frame Movement Crank Mechanism

It consists of a connecting rod-crank system made in metallic carpentry and of a big cast iron flywheel designed to reduce the motion irregularity。Thanks to this crank mechanism, the flywheel rotation is converted into an alternative straight-line motion of the blade frame The connecting rod is equipped with two bearings in the small end and a large bearing in the big end.


6.Hoisting Unit

It supports the block during cutting operations and discharges the blades thrust onto the columns through the four vertical slider units,This structure is composed by :

·a strong metallic –carpentry frame;

·vertical slider unit;

The vertical slider are place at the four ends of the hoisting mechanism and slide along stainless and steel guides attached to the columns. the two opposing guides and relevant sliders are prismatic in shape while the two other guides are flat .The slider units place on the hoisting mechanism,on flywheel side ,are required load to win cutting forces and to ensure permanent contact with the columns .


7.Columns Unit

The columns support the whole handling structure of the blade frame and house the hoisting  mechanism stainless steel guides. They also house the bronze nut screws (pos

.3) which mesh in the screws(pos.4) Four oil-collecting tanks,one for each column ,collect

used oils .Four bellows provide an efficient protection for nut screws and screws.


8.Vertical Transmission

It produces the vertical translation motion of the hoisting mechanism.It is formed by :

·2 gearmotor units which are place symmetrically.One is used for high downward speed and the other for low downward speed;

·a clutch unit to switch off the slow downward speed gearmotor unit,when the fast downward speed gearmotor unit is switched on ;

·transmission joints to transmit motion.

· two couples of angular transmissions which move and support the four hoisting engine.


9.Flywheel Transmission

It enables the flywheel to rotate. It is made up by trapezoidal belts and is operated by a fast-sliding engine


10.Block-carrying Trolley

It transports and carries the block .in the lower part it has a rack system . whereby

It is fastened to the hoisting unit so that it is safely locked in place during cutting operatio-

ns.The trolley side is equipped with some bars inserted in holes which fasten the block during cutting operations.The trolley is equipped with agearmotor which produces translation motion by rotating two of the four trolley wheels.



the guarantee period of this marble gangsaw is twelve-month from the date of shipment.





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