Marble Gangsaw Machine

This is a block –cutting gangsaw for marble for the production of slabs at different thickness,Block of different size can be processed. They have a roughly parallelepiped shape having an overall workable length of 3.3 meters .a workable height of 2 meters and a workable width of 2 meters.
Tools used are steel blades with sintered diamond plates
The machine is made up by a frame with parallel and tensioned blades and having an alternative cutting motion.
The cutting motion is produced by a crank mechanism controlled by a 110 KW power electric motor through belt transmission
It is a sliding frame on slides in oil bath
The block to be cut is hoisted by a platform where the block –carrying trolley is placed.
The platform is vertically moved by four columns which also support the blade frame,
and is operated by four sets of screws and nut screws.
Through a toothed gearing ,the four screw are connected to a high downward speed gearmotor unit and to low downward speed gearmotor unit .

  • 30 days
  • 10-20 sets per months
  • Information
  • Video


1. Maintenance Mechanic

A qualified technician able to carry out all the operations listed above under heading 2 and able to:

-operate the machine when protection devices are not activated;

-carry out all the required adjustments on the mechanical parts of the machine;

-routine and periodic maintenance interventions.

This technician is not qualified to carry out works on electric system when voltage has not been switched off.  



 Transport, Handling and Storage                                              

·The machine can be shipped in the following ways:

·By freight train carriage K15 (4 axes)

·By truck

·In a container



When the machine reaches the customer’s premises, each component part must be stored in a dry and protected place. Care should be taken to make sure that the machine is positioned in a stable way. In case of long open-air storage, or storage in hostile environments it is advisable to protect the material after arrival on the Customer’s premises. Grease the moving parts and, if necessary, protect them with protective waterproof coverings. The electric switchboard must always be stored in a protected and dry place. 


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