Polishing machine for tile

Quantity of machine polihsing head can be customerised with 16 heads,20heads and 24 heads.
Bridge of machine also can be customerised with one bridge,two bridges and three bridges.

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The machine mainly do for polishing marble and granite slab or tile, quantity of polishing head can be customerised with 16 heads,20 heads and 24 heads, work on one bridge,two bridge or three brdiges 

The body of machine is made in welding steel. The polishing head up and down movement group is made in cast iron giving unrivalled long life,precision ,corrosion resistance and acoustic benefits. polishing heads are driven by separate air cylinder. 

The machine controlled by PLC system with Human Machine interface makes machine easy to be operated. and detected sensor checks the shape of the slabs automatically and send signal to the PLC to control the movement of bridge and polishing heads. 

The machine has the electric fault diagnosis system and calculate how much square meters worked per day also, and the system for abrasives lacking. 

No.of headsNo.20
Useful working widthmm600-2000
Useful working thicknessmm15-50
Belt feeding speedmm/min0-3500
Power of polishing headkW11月15日
Total powerkW236/316
Water consumptionm3/h30
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)mm15360×3970×2560

No.of headsNo.24
Useful working widthmm600-2000
Useful working thicknessmm15-50
Belt feeding speedmm/min0-4000
Power of polishing headkW44880
Total powerkW281/377
Water consumptionm3/h36
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)mm18875×4280×2560


1.How to load the machine ?

We need a flat container for the main machine and a 20 feet for the working table

2.What is the lead time for the machine?

Within 50 days after receipt of deposit

3.What is the power of grinding head ?

Marble 11 kilowatts, granite 15 kilowatts

4.What are the dimensions of the machine?

According to the number of grinding head custom - made, specific consulting salesman

5.Does the machine come with a working table?

Yes, 5 working tables, automatic turning board, automatic unloading board, automatic feeding, air dryer, transition frame

6.Can the machine be used in marble and granite?

Custom can grind marble and granite double use

7.What is the maximum machining width?

The maximum machining width is 2 meters

8.Do you have a regular thickness head?

It can be made to order or with diamond abrasive

9.Can you flip it automatically?

Yes, vacuum sucker table is optional

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