TYRCNC-4-350 | 4Axis Bridge cutting machine

1.Users can make or connect CAD NC exchange files locally and generate machining simulation demonstration and machining code through system call.
2.In the middle of processing, you can stop the machine to modify the equipment operating parameters, and you can choose to continue processing or start processing from scratch.
3.Product data files are stored by modules and called manually.
4.The processing operation parameters can be manually adjusted without stopping the machine, and the processing step can automatically regenerate the code.

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CNC 4-Axis Bridge Saw

  1. The CNC system works under the hardware environment of PC. the special CNC system for stone sawing CNC five axis linkage is adopted. The running track of the cutting tool is controlled by five axis linkage, that is, by three linear moving axes and two rotating axes. Realize the machining of pentahedral special-shaped surface, and complete the machining in one operation.

  2. High dimensional accuracy and shape and position accuracy, especially suitable for the processing of products with splicing requirements.

  3. Equipped with infrared tool setter, it can quickly determine the proper installation position of the work piece.

  4. It can make full use of network interconnection resources and can be controlled through remote operation, which is convenient for technicians to deal with problems online through the network; Machinable range: 3200×2000×2000mm. Maximum diameter of hanging saw blade: 350-400mm.

Sintered stone machine

4 axis mono bridge

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