Advantages of our company

Shengda machinery  has long-term cooperation with Italy machinery , especially Italy Berton, which is the most advanced level in technology .

Our company has the best technical team in China. The CNC system is independently developed, the operation is accurate and convenient.

We have more than 40 domestic technicians and 20 foreign technicians to provide installation and after-sales service for the whole world.

There are our agents all over the world to provide you with the fastest local service, such as Dubai, Egypt, Brazil, the United States, Italy, Australia, Canada, Russia, etc..

Electronic control system we use international famous brand products, convenient for the world's unified maintenance and procurement, such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron.

Shengda focuses on the automation of stone equipment. It has CNC system on most of machine , is the most advanced technology in the world.

Shengda after sales service is highly Internet based, we have special English technicians to track and solve customer's after-sales problems.

Perfect accessories service, you can query the specifications of any accessories on our official website, and you can get them from the accessories warehouse in stock .
Our company has 30 years of production experience, to provide you with durable stone equipment and reasonable factory layout technology.

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